Oxford Business Group Blog Post on Totally Communications

We recently shared a guest post with our partners at Totally Communications. It is titled “Oxford Business Group: Increase in Social Media use in Emerging Markets” and looks at the increases in Social Media adoption across a umber of different countries.

Oxford Business Group: Increase in Social Media use in Emerging Markets

Businesses around the world are increasingly using social media to engage current and potential customers, find partners and collaborators, identify top talent, drive traffic to their websites, and effectively market their products and services. Broadly defined, social media consists of online communication channels that allow users to share digital content in various formats, including text, photographs, audio and video. Some of the most famous social media websites are Facebook, YouTubeLinkedIn, Wikipedia and Twitter. Other sites that are becoming increasingly popular include Reddit, Digg, Ecademy, StumbleUpon, Xing, Newsvine, Monster, and CareerBuilder.com.

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